Patient Reviews in Tijuana

Hi. My name is Don, and I am from St George UT, which is north of Las Vegas Nevada.  I have had a lot of dental problems, resulting from an accident I had several years ago, where my face was crushed on one side, and had to be rebuilt. However, the bone in my oral cavity began to suffer bone loss, and my upper teeth started to get loose. I ended up needing all my upper teeth to be extracted. I went to a dentist in Tijuana, who extracted the teeth, and place dental implants. Later, a denture was made that had connectors, and the denture snapped in place onto the implants, which held it securely. However, after a few years, the implants started to get loose from my removing the denture every day to clean under it. I came back to another dentist in Tijuana, Dr Mexico. They did a CT scan, and found that my bone quality was poor due to the lack of density. My maxillary jawbone was too porous and would not hold regular dental implants. But the clinic has a maxio-facial surgeon who saved me. Dr Aaron was able to place 4 zygomatic implants. These are dental implants that are about 6 inches long, and go through the jawbone up to the orbital socket by the eye, the cheekbone, where the bone is very dense. These implants hold very solidly in place and can’t get loose. Then, a solid zirconia dental arch was mounted on the implants.  The arch is permanently screwed into place. It presses up against the gum ridge, but does not overlap it, nor cover the pallet, like a denture would. All I can say is that I am very happy with this. It feels so much more like real teeth. I can eat like a normal person now. My face even looks normal, because my lips aren’t pushed out like a denture does. Thank God for Dr Mexico, and thanks to the fine dentists in Tijuana, Mexico.