Dental Implants Packages

Your Choices and Options

Despite great improvements in the field of dental care, there are still millions of Americans who are losing their tooth/teeth mostly due to gum disease, injury, or tooth decay. Here at Dr. Mexico Border Clinic, we offer the option of getting dental implants that are significantly stronger and more durable compared to dentures.

For patients who require multiple dental implants, Dr. Mexico Border Clinic, which is committed to provide you with the best dental care within you budget, can offer you with discounted prices.

Multiple Implant Application

All on 4 or all on 6 fixed hybrid bridge:

First, we place the implants. A minimum of 4 implants are needed, for a 10-tooth fixed hybrid bridge. For a full arch or 14 teeth, a minimum of 5 implants are needed, but it is much better to go with 6 implants, for stability. If no bone grafting is needed, the implants will be ready in 4 or 5 months. It could be longer if the patient needs any regenerative grafting or sinus lifts.  When the implants are ready, the dentist will take impressions and scan the patients mouth to make the prosthetic device. This is not a denture. It is made of solid zirconia, with some rose-colored porcelain over laid at the gum line. The bridge has holes made where screws go through the bridge, into “multi units”, that have been screwed on top of the implants. The bridge mounts securely, pressed against the gum ridge. The roof of you mouth is free from any encumbering plastic unlike a denture. The bridge can’t move, and the patient can’t take it out. It is fixed in place and feels and functions as close to real teeth as you can get. The dentist will give you the instructions of how to clean your mouth with a waterpik, and will ask the patient to return periodically for a professional cleaning, where the dentist will remove the bridge, clean under it, and inspect how the implants are doing. 

Multiple bridges to replace a whole arch of teeth:

Over the years, we have encountered patients who are looking for affordable solutions for replacing all their teeth. Even with our incredibly low prices, replacing individual tooth on the upper and lower jaw with dental implants can still get very expensive. For this reason, we provide special packages for patients who require multiple implant application.

Included in your options are the use of dental bridges that are mounted to implants. Let’s say you need 14 implants to replace all your lower teeth. Instead of placing 14 individual implants to replace all the missing teeth, we can place 8 implants with the use of some bridges. Going with this option would mean saving at least $6,000.

Snap on Denture 

You also have the option to get denture that is supported by implants. When compared to regular removable denture, this option provides you with peace of mind knowing that the implants will hold the denture in its place. That means, you don’t have to worry about the denture moving while you eat or worse falling off while speaking. Generally, we place four implants either on the upper or lower jaw to support the denture, which is specially designed without a piece that covers your pallet. With this option, you’ll get high quality modified denture held by implants in place for just $6,035 per arch or $12,070 for full mouth.