Patient Reviews in Tijuana

Hi, my name is Jose, and I’m from Phoenix, Arizona. I am an immigrant from Sao Paulo, Brazil. When I came to the United States more than 7 years ago, I only had one dream, and that was to provide well for my wife and my unborn child (she’s a big girl now). But because I didn’t have enough school credentials yet, I worked as a cashier in a supermarket while attending classes at night. When I graduated, I immediately applied for some jobs until I became a supervisor in a small local café. Everything was doing well until recession hit, and the café owner decided to close it down. Fortunately, I had some savings, so I put up a small business that sells beautifully printed shirts.

Simply put, things were quite hard financially, but we’re able to get by until one day I suffered from a major toothache. I tried to suffer in silence, but it was too much to bear. I went to the dentist, and he discovered it was infected. I had to undergo a root canal procedure, he said. But for the procedure alone, I had to spend $1,000! I was trying to get a second and a third opinion, but the recommendation was still the same, and costs didn’t differ much either. So I dipped into our savings, no matter how hard it was for me, and spent close to $1,500 for everything.

I was happy that I can already put that situation behind me. I considered that huge expense as part of a learning experience. However, two years after, I developed another toothache. I went to the same dentist who then suggested that I had it extracted and replaced with dentures. I thought, “Well, my parents didn’t have some good experience with dentures. Maybe you can give me a better alternative.” He then mentioned a bridge. I liked how it worked or explained to me, so I said go ahead. But again, it was horrendously expensive!

That’s when my wife and I decided to look for alternatives until we found out about Dr. Mexico Border Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico. You know, when you’re raised in Brazil, you’re not scared about anything, so all those stories about Mexico crime didn’t bother me. I just wanted to get over the tooth pain. That’s it. When I looked into their prices, I was so surprised. I thought, “Are these people real? Are these legitimate businesses?” Anyway, I made a call and talked to a dentist who recommended that I had to let the inflammation subside first. They mentioned about a medication I can take to hasten that. In less than 2 days, the pain was gone. I was then scheduled for a visit to the clinic.

Less than a week, I arrived in Tijuana, had my tooth extracted, and the bridge attached. I spent roughly the same amount during my root canal, but it already covered everything I needed for the trip, including my stay in a hotel.

I just felt incredibly grateful to Dr. Mexico Border Clinic because finally I found people who are willing to help me save more money for my family.

– Jose, from Phoenix Az.